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Hi, I’m Richard

I am a Strategist, Cultural Historian, Technologist, and Futurist; who has spent a career in emerging technology, understanding the Culture & Societal Phase change that occurs when technology is a disruptor.

Nota Bene: Are we becoming a society where No Human will be Required? AI and Autonomous Technology will boldly take Humanity where it never dreamed of going before.

Killer Story Teller! That is what my friends tell me.

All Keynotes, Book Clubs, and Discussion Groups will address our current situation. With over forty years in the business of technology, philosophy, and education, Richard's life experience brings insights and know-how to the table: The focus will be where integral philosophy, emerging technology, evolution & revolutions, societal phase change, and life intersect. All keynotes, writings, and discussion groups will reflect Richard’s understanding of a life lived as a cultural historian, technology zealot, industry strategist, and public philosopher.

Richard's trademark storytelling, insights & experiences, combined with humor, will surely deliver the engaging presentation you seek. At the same time, his depth ensures the impact of meaningful and life-changing insights to bring about the greater good in life, society, religion, and business.  

Storytelling is one of the most potent forms of communication, and Richard is a killer storyteller. He tells stories of life and inspiration grounded in a work-a-day world.

They are inspiring Stories, facts, experiences, wisdom, and fun that energies audiences to embrace a brave new world.

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'Creating Capabilities' through AI/Emerging Technology taking Humanity where it never dreamed of going. Futurist/Historian/Philosopher Killer Story Teller?


Richard Pütz

''Technology is Anthropology' ~ Decide & Thrive through Cultural Change, Ethics & Emerging Technology. Historian | Futurist | AI Ethicist | Killer Story Teller!